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NO RAPE HERE is working closely with these anti-sexual assault and anti-violence organizations to try and make the world a better place for both men and women of all ages. He will also reach out to share his story and encourage others to support such a noble cause in the name of justice.

Cora Alvisse is the poster child on hiding and protecting a RAPIST…

Here is the poster the father will be using to campaign against sexual assault.

Ms. Cora Alvisse stuffs her face with doughnuts while a rapist that assaulted her daughter is walking free!

Ms. Alvisse hides and protects a rapist!

Ms. Cora Alvisse stuffs her face with doughnuts rather than tell her ex of their daughter’s rape incident that happened in 2003 when Michelle was still a minor. She also did not tell him in 2008 when they were spending an intimate amount of time together alone planning for the arrival of their grandchild.

See Ms. Cora “Sokie” Alvisse travel the world as her one and only daughter suffers from rape trauma while hiding this fact from her ex-husband for 10 years …

Click on above image to see pics of Ms. Cora Alvisse that is freely available on the Internet.

Care free Ms. Cora Alvisse travels the world as her one and only daughter suffers under the weight of being a victim of rape!

Is Ms. Alvisse possibly celebrating getting away with hiding a rapist for 10 years from her ex-husband?

Is Ms. Alvisse possibly celebrating getting away with hiding from her ex-husband their minor daughter’s rape that happened a decade ago in July 2003 when the daughter was under her care?

Here’s what happened …


(standing) Cora Alvisse , (dark figure in background) Attorney-Vitaly Cherniy, (sitting) Joel Osbrink and Michelle Cherniy formerly Michelle Osbrink

A mother named Cora Alvisse hid her daughter Michelle Cherniy’s rape from the father for 10 long years. Michelle was a minor back then. Although the mother and the father shared joint legal custody, she never told him about it.

As Ms. Alvisse was globe trotting the world and having a good time, her one and only daughter was suffering under tremendous guilt, anger, embarrassment, etc. stemming from the rape trauma. Great job mom!

Michelle Cherniy reveals her rape to her father that happened ten years ago …

For ten years, Michelle Cherniy graciously accepted her father’s generosity, help, and assistance as she battled marital issues, joblessness, homelessness, financial difficulties, and other problems. Then in late January 2013, for the very first time she tells her father she is a victim of rape several years ago and still suffering from it. Needless to say, the father was in complete shock and disbelief. He then asks her if she knows her rapist and she said yes. But, she did not want to tell him. She also stated that she knew where this person lives. The father was stun speechless.

Who or where is Michelle Cherniy’s rapist …

 Today, the mystery still remains about the identity of Michelle’s rapist. Especially, since she and her mother have protected the identity of the criminal and failed to prosecute him.

Was it a gambling bookie Michelle borrowed money from  during her senior  high school year? Or, could it be a friend in high school. Or, was it an acquaintance she met soon after moving out of her mother house? Or, could it have been a male relative or male friend of her mother, Ms. Cora Alvisse?

The immediate question is “How many more women, young and old, has the rapist victimized due to Ms. Alvisse’s action or lack thereof?!”

Michelle Cherniy attacks her father …


Contradicted rape victim Michelle Cheniy protects her rapist

Michelle Cherniy then started to attack her father by bringing up outrageous allegations by the mother about the time they were still married. The father denies and refutes these accusations.  What does this have to do about the rape? , he asks. After all, he and the mother have been divorced for thirteen years, and the rape happened, according to the official police report, when Michelle Cherniy was still a minor and staying with her.

The father became angry about it, and he became furious at Ms. Cora Alvisse for hiding this tragedy for so long. When the father confronted the mother and told her that he will tell everyone that knew them about what she did. She panics and files a restraining order to prevent him from doing it and to cover herself. She lost her bogus case against the father!

Finally, any reasonable person would ask this question; “Why attack the father now after all this time?” Especially after all he has done for Michelle Cherniy as evident in the emails she sent him, photos showing her with him, and other related documents? Therein lies her contradiction! Furthermore, did she use this tragedy to garner more sympathy or empathy from her then fiance, a [somewhat] successful lawyer who appears to be well off? It could’ve been because they are husband and wife now.

The same question applies to the mother whose emails and the divorce decree never accused the father of wrongdoing or contain any derogatory or negative comment about him. Several years, after the divorce, the father and Ms. Alvisse kept in touch, and they did spend an intimate amount of time together alone planning for the birth of their granddaughter. Was her action to silence the father by filing a bogus restraining order against him to save face and her reputation from being ruined for hiding such a heinous crime from the father and others? Hm…

Father contacts the L.A.P.D. Division of Records about Michelle Cherniy’s rape …

Crime-Scene-Do-Not-Cross-Tape-2-psd36467After the father’s victory in court against Ms. Alvisse and Mr. and Mrs. Vitaly Cherniy he immediately contacts the Los Angeles Police Department Division of Records. He writes a letter to them giving such details as Michelle Cherniy name at the time of the rape incident, which was Michelle Almandres. He also gives them her birth date, which is in September 1985 and the rape incident date July 28, 2003 that is from Ms. Alvisse’s restraining order declaration.

Finally, he gives them the address where Michelle Cherniy and her mother were living around the time of the sexual assault, which is in Sylmar California. They later confirm that she was still a minor when it happened and gave the case file number DR No. 031622736-0344. He even has phone conversations with them.

Unfortunately for the father, the police could not divulge more information because the crime happened a decade ago and Michelle, now an adult, is the one that has to give permission in order for him to get it. Additionally, she made it abundantly clear to him early on that she chooses to protect her rapist as does her mother.

The Elephant in the room that everyone is avoiding …

ttselephantThat Elephant’s name is RAPE. All of the emails and photos sent to the father from both Michelle Cherniy and the mother did not mention or show anything about a rape or sexual assault or that Michelle is suffering from it. Also, in Michelle Cherniy’s interview and question and answer about her Wicca Witchcraft Religion, she never once mentions that she is suffering or battling depression because of it.

Worst of all, it seemed that everyone, from Michelle Cherniy’s ex-husband to her then fiance now husband and others knew about this horrible crime except for her father. That is until January 2013.

The father continues to help fight sexual assault nationwide …

He is making regular donations to the nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization called RAINN.ORG. He is also giving out and promoting information about how to fight and prevent it in this website.

Even though his daughter, Michelle Cherniy, continues to protect her rapist, the donations are made in her name that honors her for having survived it.

Click on image to see one of the father's many donations to RAINN.ORG honoring Michelle Cherniy for surviving rape even though she continues to protect her rapist.

Click on image to see one of the father’s many donations to RAINN.ORG honoring Michelle Cherniy for surviving rape even though she continues to protect her rapist.

Action talks! Bullsh*t walks!

What is Ms. Cora Alvisse, Mr. and Mrs. Vitaly (attorney) and Michelle Cherniy , “ESPECIALLY” Mr. Joel Osbrink, and the others that knew about it, doing to help fight this horrendous crime besides chastising and demonizing the father?! Who are they to pass judgement on anyone?

Instead of Ms. Alvisse and Mrs. Cherniy just donating to fight ALS they should also be helping to prevent sexual assault! But, then again what can you expect from someone that hides and protects rapist.

vitaly cherniy

Mr. Vitaly Cherniy

Mr. Vitaly Cherniy, an Associate Attorney, in the San Fernando Valley, should’ve taken a look into the mirror first before criticizing and labeling the father. After all Mr. Cherniy was the one fooling around with another man’s wife. He has no integrity whatsoever. Hopefully, he was smart enough to get a prenuptial agreement too!

Before learning of his daughter’s sexual assault, the father never once gave Mr. Cherniy any mistreatment or disrespect whenever he came by to visit Michelle after she left her husband and was staying at his house. He should be studying civil liberties while he’s reflecting on it.


The 3 blind mice; Alvisse, Cherniy, Osbrink

As for Mr. Osbrink, the pot calling the kettle black! Especially, after his ex-wife Michelle Cherniy told her father about startling and disturbing news about him. WOW! SHOCKING! Certainly, Michelle could use this as leverage in a custody hearing. Also, Mr. Osbrink’s email to the father saying that he is good and tight with Ms. Alvisse and Mr. Cherniy is no surprise. After all, they are like the three blind mice. However, unlike the rhyme, instead of the farmer’s wife cutting off their tails there’s an Elephant in the room name RAPE ready to stomp on them again and again!

Joel Osbrink pic

Mr. Joel Osbrink


Click above image to see Michelle Cherniy (formerly Michelle Osbrink) email  to the father thanking him for loaning his truck for Mr. Osbrink to use.

Additionally,what the father did for Mr. Osbrink during his time of need like lending him his truck so that he could go back to school and look for a job and eventually get it. Mr. Osbrink was also able to attend his Indian tee-pee sweat session and do part time work as a medic during sporting events. The father was even at Mr. Osbrink bedside after he had an appendectomy to show his support. He also consoled Mr. Osbrink as he struggled to deal with a breakup and separation of his family. The father did it all because he thought that Mr. Osbrink is a decent man with integrity who would sacrifice, love, care, and protect his daughter especially knowing of her rape. The father was dead wrong about him!

Furthermore, Mr. Osbrink should ask himself this; “What if this were to happen to his daughter Isabelle and her mother, Michelle Cherniy, hid it from him for ten years or longer?” Worst of all, Isabelle is still suffering after all that time. What would he do? How will he react to it?

This is precisely what happen to the father. For several months after learning this horrific crime against his daughter, no one including her offered any explanation or even apology for not telling him. Yes, the father cried his eyes out as he reached out for answers from anyone. What father wouldn’t under these circumstances? And, you Mr. Osbrink have the nerve to chastise him for doing it. You sir, bad ass or not, stink big time! That goes for Attorney Mr. Vitaly Cherniy too!

Finally, all the emails, videos, documents, and pictures here trumps all of their criticism they have against the father today. It shows just how much they have contradicted themselves especially the victim herself, Michelle Cherniy.

Father spends time alone with Ms. Alvisse to plan for the arrival of their grandchild …

On August 11, 2008 Ms. Alvisse sends a COY message to father after spending time together alone, day after discussing and making plans for birth of their granddaughter. She never disclosed their daughter rape trauma!

On August 11, 2008 Ms. Alvisse sends a COY message to the father after spending an “intimate time” (i.e. FUCKED each other’s brain out) together alone one evening, to discuss and make plans for the birth of their granddaughter. She never disclosed Michelle’s rape trauma!

The father met Ms. Alvisse intimately at her place several times “alone” while she was living in an apartment in Van Nuys to discuss and plan for the arrival of their grandchild. She never once brought up their daughter’s rape incident. The father even buys a gift for Ms. Alvisse as a sign of their friendship and bond as soon-to-be grandparents. It was a “TomTom GO730 4.3″ Screen GPS Speech to Talk” to use in her car.

To reiterate, the father never gave up his parental rights after their divorce. The court papers clearly stated that they both shared joint legal custody of their minor daughter, Michelle. The mother also knew how and where to contact the father at all times in case there was an emergency. Ms. Cora Alvisse and Michelle Cherniy intentionally hid this tragic secret from the father for ten years.

Michelle Cherniy contradicts herself by saying that her father was not part of her life …

These photos as well as the emails she sent him show otherwise. Her desperation to cover up the truth fails as does her credibility.

michelle and joel marry at courthouse

Michelle Cherniy (formerly Michelle Osbrink) and Joel Osbrink marry at the Van Nuys Courthouse in October 2008. Joel’s mother Shelah is there with her husband Robin to partake in the happy occasion and to take photos of it.  A few years later, Michelle’s father would learn about her rape while separately Shelah would learn shocking and disturbing news about her own son!

Click above photo to see the video of Michelle Cherniy formerly Michelle Osbrink (center) after giving birth to Isabelle (center foreground)  on November 10,2008. Her father (left) and mother (right – Cora Alvisse) are there together to help and celebrate the joyous occasion.

(standing L-R) Joels stepdad Robin and his mom Shelah, Ms. Alvisse, Father

Osbrink wedding reception in 2008 (standing L-R) Joel’s step dad Robin and his mom Shelah, Ms. Alvisse, Father.

Father with Michelle on her wedding day 2008.

Father with Michelle Cherniy (formerly Michelle Osbrink) on her wedding day 2008.

Wedding pic of family in 2008

Wedding pic of once family in 2008

Michelle at her half sister Angelica baptismal party in 2007.

Michelle Cherniy (formerly Michelle Almandres) at her half sister Angelica baptismal party in 2007.

Michelle Cherniy (formerly Michelle Osbrink) contradicts herself once more …

Today, Michelle is suffering from a case of "selective" amnesia as she forgets how much her father has done for her as evidence in the emails she sent him.

Today, Michelle is suffering from a case of “selective” amnesia as she forgets how much her father has done for her as evidence in the emails she sent him.

And again …


One more time …


The saddest part of all this is…

Poor Michelle Cherniy. A young mother at age 27 (in 2012) did not get the proper attention and treatment to overcome this tragedy while her father thought he was making a difference in her life. If only someone told him about it sooner.

NO-RAPE-HERE will continue to work with and donate to anti-sexual assault and anti-violence organizations plus give to other charitable causes …

The father is committed to fight sexual assault everywhere and wants to educate men and women young and old on how to deal and prevent it. He is planning on putting “NO-RAPE-HERE” or “N.R.H. PLEDGE!” (No Rape Here PLEDGE!) on various media, phone apps, and other items such stickers to get the information out. Finally, a stealth campaign and interviews is being planned for the future. More to come.

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