Today, NO RAPE HERE has evolved to helping fight against sexual assault and violence by working with organizations such as RAINN.ORG, The National Sexual Violence Resource Center, and The National Center for Victims of Crime.

When the father first started his quest for justice for his daughter he wanted everyone to know that, “NO RAPE” occurred or mentioned while she was “HERE” with him from 2002 – 2012, as he was giving her financial, emotional, and moral assistance plus opening up his home [twice] when she and her daughter Isabelle needed a place to stay.

The father was heartbroken to learn (ten years later) that such a nightmare happened to his daughter while she was under the care of her mother, Ms. Cora Alvisse. And, according to the Los Angeles Police Department report, DR No. 031622736-0344, a brutal crime occurred on July 28, 2003 when Michelle Cherniy was still a minor. What’s disturbing even more is even though the divorce decree between Ms. Alvisse and the father stipulated that they shared joint legal custody, she never told him about it. Sickening still is knowing Ms. Alvisse was traveling the world and having a good time as her one and only daughter was in turmoil reliving her rape trauma day after day. And, it seemed that others that knew about Michelle Cherniy’s trauma did not do more to help her deal with it.

The father strongly believes that if he were involved early on in his daughter’s recovery treatment after her rape, she would not be carrying the guilt, anger, rage, etc. for as long as she has. Additionally, he would have taken immediate direct action that is deliberate and measured to ensure that she received the most effective treatment and help that was available at the time. He would have spent his last dime doing it too.

The father now wants to share his story with others about what happened to his daughter. And, he wants to help men, women, victims of rape and sexual assault to get the necessary information on reporting and preventing sexual assault. Anyone interested or needs help should click on the link above called “STOP SEXUAL ASSAULT!”

Furthermore, he implores all divorced parents’ with minor children and who share joint legal custody to protect their parental rights and those children. Especially when they find out the child are victims of sexual abuse or sexual assault. Most importantly, the father urges those parents not to let their ex-‘s escape hiding such a heinous crime, which is precisely what Ms. Cora Alvisse did to him!

If you suspect such a crime happened, contact law enforcement authorities immediately and seek legal counsel. Afterwards, file suit in family court to get the children out of there and into a safe environment. Unfortunately for the father, the statute of limitations has run out of time for him to do anything about it, which is another reason this website exists.


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