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Joel Osbrink

“Mr. Osbrink should have been more responsible and caring to his then wife, MIchelle Osbrink, by helping her more to deal with the rape trauma and other stuff! If he had, it could have possibly saved their marriage. Bad ass was not a requirement to do this job only tremendous love, sacrifice, understanding, and a great deal of support.

Mr. Osbrink is the ex-husband of the rape victim Michelle Cherniy. He and Michelle were living together a few years until they got pregnant and married in late 2008. About a month later their child Isabelle was born.

Mr. Osbrink knew of Michelle’s rape incident at the beginning of their relationship but did nothing significant to help her. Then between 2010 – 2011 their relationship suffered even more as they went through financial difficulties, marital strife, and Michelle’s infidelity as she was carrying on an affair with Mr. Vitaly Cherniy behind her husband’s back. Finally, there was shocking and disturbing accusations about Mr. Osbrink by his immediate family. All of these things finally led up to their divorce. They are sharing custody of Isabelle.

Also, when Michelle Cherniy left Mr. Osbrink and was staying at her father’s house in 2012, she told him the details of those disturbing and shocking accusations! This happened way before she reveals her sexual assault to her father in early 2013.

The father will never look at Mr. Osbrink the same way ever again because of this. Most importantly and if she chose to, Michelle could use this information to gain sole custody of Isabelle.