vitaly cherniy

Vitaly Cherniy (Photo pending)

 Mr. Cherniy who is an attorney, in the San Fernando Valley, should have known that his new mother in-law, Ms. Cora Alvisse, restraining case against the father in August 2013 had no real merit and advise her on it. Clearly, civil liberty is not his forte!”

Mr. Cherniy is now the husband of the rape victim Michelle Cherniy. He was cheating with her in 2011 while she was still married to Mr. Joel Osbrink. Additionally, the marriage was already on very shaky grounds due to serious financial problems, marital strife, and shocking news about the husband. The affair sped up the demise of the marriage, which eventually ended in divorce.

Mr. Cherniy will need all the luck in the world now that he has to deal with the bull-shit and hypocrisy from his new mother-in-law Ms. Cora Alvisse! As attorney goes, hope he was smart enough to get a prenuptial agreement before marrying his new wife too! Finally, Karma to him for cheating with a married woman!

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y FOR THE FATHER! The Judge denies Ms. Alvisse’s request for a permanent restraining order against the father and dissolves her bogus case against him! H-O-O-R-A-H!!

On September 19, 2013, the Judge in the case, after seeing and hearing all the evidence, ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support Ms. Alvisse’s claim that the father threaten to harm her. And that what the father did, which was to expose Ms. Alvisse failure as a parent to everybody, is protected by the First Amendment commonly referred to as “freedom of expression.” The Judge dissolves the case.

Surprisingly, Michelle and her then fiance Attorney Mr. Vitaly Cherniy (now husband) were there to support Ms. Alvisse and to testify on her behalf. The Judge denied them due to redundant information already provided by Ms. Alvisse. It was a very big victory for the father.  What made it even sweeter is was the fact that Mr. Cherniy is an attorney and should have known that Ms. Alvisse’s case has no merits and advise her on it. Clearly, civil liberties are not his forte.