Ms. Alvisse sends father a pic of her enjoying herself at lake in 2008.

Michelle Cherniy sends her father a pic of her mother, Ms. Alvisse, stuffing her face with doughnuts at Big Bear Lake in 2008. This is especially disturbing because this was after Ms. Alvisse and her ex spent an intimate amount of time together planning for the arrival of their grandchild Isabelle and she never told him about their daughter’s rape incident.

 Ms. Cora Alvisse a.k.a. Cora Sokie Alvisse a.k.a. Maria Socorro Alvisse, a.k.a. Wicked Witch,  is the mother of a rape victim, Michelle Cherniy, and shared joint legal custody of her with the father. After Michelle was brutality beaten and raped while under her care on July 28, 2003 Ms. Alvisse decided not to tell the father right away about it despite the divorce decree custody stipulation. In fact, she kept it a secret  for 10 years until Michelle finally told her father about it on late January 2013. Can you imagine the fury and the betrayal he felt then?!

Ms. Alvisse had many opportunities to tell the father about their daughter’s rape incident and blew it!

Between 2006 – 2007 there was another opportunity for Ms. Alvisse to come clean and tell the father about what happened to their daughter. At the time, the father was helping to accommodate a sick nephew that traveled to Los Angeles for a medical emergency. Ms. Alvisse knew the patient and the mother and would visit them there. Unfortunately, the patient died and there were a great deal of mourning going on. Ms. Alvisse contacted the father to give her condolences. Although, it probably was not the appropriate time for her to tell him about what happened to their daughter Michelle it was a missed opportunity nonetheless. The same thing happened about a year later when another relative made the same kind of journey, and Ms. Alvisse was around too.

[Click here to see Ms. Alvisse with the patient and his mother before his death]

There were three or more opportunities for Ms. Alvisse to tell the father about what happened to their daughter, and she blew it. In 2008, when She, Michelle, and the father were mourning together the death of their beloved pet Max, who was the family pet before they divorce. Later that year, Ms. Alvisse and the father spent some intimate time together as they planned for their granddaughter’s arrival. They were together again this time at the hospital to witness and celebrate the birth of their granddaughter, Isabelle, born November 10, 2008 at 4:48 pm. Then a few years later in August 2012, Michelle and her daughter were in a car accident and were not seriously hurt. However, the car was totaled. As Michelle was shopping around for another car, Ms. Alvisse calls the father to ask Michelle to buy her old car so she can buy a BMW. She never once brought up the subject of their daughter’s sexual assault. Tells you where Ms. Alvisse’s priority is doesn’t it?!

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y FOR THE FATHER! The Judge denies Ms. Alvisse’s request for a permanent restraining order against the father and dissolves her bogus case against him! H-O-O-R-A-H!!

On September 19, 2013, the Judge in the case, after seeing and hearing all the evidence, ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support Ms. Alvisse’s claim that the father threaten to harm her. And that what the father did, which was to expose Ms. Alvisse failure as a parent to everybody, is protected by the First Amendment commonly referred to as “freedom of expression.” The Judge dissolves the case.

Surprisingly, Michelle and her then fiance Attorney Mr. Vitaly Cherniy (now husband) were there to support Ms. Alvisse and to testify on her behalf. The Judge denied them due to redundant information already provided by Ms. Alvisse. It was a very big victory for the father.  What made it even sweeter is was the fact that Mr. Cherniy is an attorney and should have known that Ms. Alvisse’s case has no merits and advise her on it. Clearly, civil liberties are not his forte.