family alwaysContrary to Michelle Cherniy’s blog excerpt that says her father “was not In her life.” The fact is he was very much a part of her life after she graduated from high school in some compacity starting about 2002 to early 2013.

Here is the approximate timeline of events of the father’s involvement with Michelle Cherniy’s adult life:

[2002 – 2006]

When Michelle Cherniy introduced her then boyfriend Aaron to the father, he immediately accepted him. When Ms. Alvisse told the father that Michelle wanted to move out  of her place, he let her stay at his place. Then when that didn’t work, Michelle moved to a place in Northridge and got a job at Petco in Porter Ranch where her father would visit her often.


When Michelle Cherniy and Aaron decided to live together at his parent’s house in Simi Valley, her father helped her move. And, when that didn’t work because Aaron’s parent’s were splitting up and getting a divorce, the father helped her move out again. This time it was into her apartment in Woodland Hills-Canoga Park area. When Michelle broke up with Aaron, she met Joel Osbrink in the same complex.


When Michelle Cherniy told her father that she was now a Wiccan, the father did not mind it at all. However, Michelle’s mother did not because it is against her own Catholic beliefs.

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When Michelle Cherniy wanted to move in with Joe, her father objected. That’s when Michelle shut him out of her life again.

[2007 – 2009]

A couple of years later when Michelle Cherniylearned that she was going to have a half sister, she invited her father back into her life again. After her half-sister had arrived, she attended her baptismal party with Joel.


In January 2008, Ms. Alvisse, the father, and Michelle Cherniy joined together to mourn the death of their beloved family pet, Max, who was with them when they were still a family unit. After the divorce, Max stayed with the father who took care of him until his death. They took his body to the crematorium. Afterwards, his ashes were divided between the father and Michelle Cherniy and they each put it in a special urn they had that has a Doberman figurine. Each urn also had its special engraving memorializing him.


Soon after Max’s death, something miraculous happened to Michelle. She got pregnant! Everyone was excited about it especially Ms. Alvisse and the father. They all joined together to celebrate the happy occasion by having dinner at Ms. Alvisse’s place, which happened a few times. The father and Ms. Alvisse spent some intimate time together and looked forward very much  to being grandparents.  Everyone felt a special bond together at the time.


Prior to the birth of their first child, Michelle Cherniy and Joel decided to marry at the Van Nuys courthouse. Ms. Alvisse and the father joined once again to witness and partake in the happy occasion. Joel’s mother, Shelah, and her husband Robin was there too. Afterwards, they celebrated the happy occasion by having dinner at Macaroni Grill in Northridge.


When it was finally time for Michelle Cherniy to give birth to Isabelle, Ms. Alvisse and the father joined together one more time for a joyous occasion. Isabelle is born on November 10, 2008 at 4:48 pm.


Soon afterwards, Joel lost his job. The father invited them to come live with his family, and they did. But shortly after, the father’s relationship with the mother of his child was in turmoil. So Michelle Cherniy and her family moved out to live with Ms. Alvisse’s at her house in Van Nuys.

[2010 – 2011]

Michelle Cherniy and the father had lost touch for about a year before she invited him back into her life again. At this time, Michelle’s family had moved into an apartment in Reseda. It was a marvelous time, and the father cherished every moment spent with them especially with his granddaughter. He even celebrated Isabelle’s birthday party at Balboa Park. The father brought his large outdoor canvas tent but couldn’t use because it was very windy that day.


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The family was still struggling with their finances and found themselves on welfare. The father did his best to help them. He later helped them move to a more affordable apartment in Van Nuys. Later, Michelle Cherniy found a new job in Encino while Joel was still trying to find one.


They had only one car, and it was causing problems in which Joel needed it to find a job and Michelle needed to be on work time. So, the father offered to let Joel borrow his pickup truck. And soon they were both getting what they needed. Additionally, Joel was able to go back to school and learn a new trade. He eventually found work because of this. Everything seems fine with them from there. The father also provided the insurance and added Joel to his roadside assistance program.


One day, a nuisance neighbor of theirs was threatening to evict the family including their beloved pets, Kobe and Lilli,  due to their excessive barking. The father gave Michelle Cherniymoney to hire an attorney to fight it and because of it they won!


To help relieve some of the stresses that Michelle Cherniy and Joel Osbrink were going through, the father got them an annual pass to Disneyland so they can enjoy it with their new baby. They even joined the father’s own family in an outing, and they all had a blast.


As soon as the father learned that Joel was going to have an emergency appendectomy he rushed over to be with them. He even helped watch Isabelle while Michelle Cherniy was attending to him at the hospital After Joel’s recovery and even though they won their case against that nuisance neighbor, the family decided to move to another apartment a little north from where they currently reside. The father would visit them often with his daughter Angelica. Their kids had a lot of fun playing together. And, when Isabelle had an operation to remove an obstruction that affected her breathing especially during sleep, the father was there to support them.


The father arranged and paid for his granddaughter’s birthday party at Chuck-e-Cheese in Granada Hills. The Osbrink family and their guest had a blast especially Isabelle. However, the father’s younger daughter, Angelica, was too frightened of Chucky the character and did not enjoy herself too much.


The father was devastated when Michelle Cherniy told him that she was seeing another man, Mr. Vitaly Cherniy. She told him that it was an attorney working in her floor who was trying to court her. Later on, she confided that it was becoming serious. The father promised to keep her secret. But it was difficult because he liked Mr. Osbrink, a lot. Suddenly, the father felt awkward every time he visited their apartment.


And, when the father treated Michelle Cherniy and Mr. Osbrink and family to join his family to a kid’s concert called “Yo Gaba Gaba,”  he felt more uncomfortable. Although, the kids had fun the father was worried about poor Mr. Osbrink.

[2012 – 2013]

Finally, on late January 2012, Michelle Cherniy asked her father if she and Isabelle could stay with him and his family and of course he said yes. Although the father was happy to accommodate them, he felt badly for Mr. Osbrink. On the day of her move, the father and Mr. Osbrink were helping out. Furthermore, it was an awkward moment for him and it was taking a toll to see his family life broken up. There was a moment when Mr. Osbrink was pleading for Michelle to give him another chance. She refused. Mr. Osbrink then turned to the father and pleaded to him for help. But, the father was powerless to do anything.


The father stood by Mr. Osbrink through this tough period in his life and made himself available in case he  needed someone to talk to. The father met Mr. Osbrink at a restaurant a couple of times to see how he was doing and so forth. The father continued to let him borrow his truck so he can get to work and to pickup or dropoff Isabelle at the father’s home. Furthermore, the father always warmly greeted Mr. Osbrink each time came over and invited him into the house. But, Michelle Cherniy didn’t like it and wanted him to wait outside.  She was pissed at him because of his lack of monetary support for their daughter Isabelle. Michelle Cherniy eventually went after him through social services. Later, Mr. Osbrink damaged the rear of the father’s truck and didn’t tell him about it. Although, the father got a little angry and annoyed about it he let it go.


Shortly after moving in Michelle introduced her new boyfriend, Mr. Vitaly Cherniy to her father. They got to know each other a little. Later, Mr. Cherniy and Michelle would join the father and his family for dinner at the Soup plantation in Porter Ranch.


They all met again this time with Isabelle at Sea World in San Diego where they had a lot of fun.


Michelle Cherniy allows her father to take Isabelle along with his daughter to watch a kids show called “The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure“.


One day the father invited Michelle, Isabelle, and Mr. Cherniy to join his family at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus featuring Chinese acrobats. Michelle politely refused because she said that the circus was mistreating elephants. Although the father was disappointed especially since he had already purchased the tickets for them, he understood. However, it showed the hypocritical side of Michelle because earlier she was at SeaWorld where animal rights activist claim Orcas are held captive and mistreated.


For almost a full year that Michelle Cherniy lived with the father everything seems fine between them. Every time the father saw Mr. Cherniy he would said Hi to him and accommodate him. And, every time the father saw Michelle he told her that he loved her. Michelle would say the same back to him. When it was quiet around the house, and the father found himself alone with Michelle, he would ask her if she wanted to talk about anything. She would mostly say no or not really.


 As time went on, the father learned that Michelle was seeing a therapist. He thought maybe it was because of the breakup with her ex-husband Joel and about other pressures in her life. Then when the father learned that Mr. Cherniy was joining in her therapy sessions, the father thought it was cool and somehow sweet.


One day Michelle Cherniy tells her father that Joel’s mother Shelah, her husband Robin, and their daughter (Joel’s sister) rushed down from San Francisco to confront him about something very very dark. She was there during that confrontation, which concluded with the family saying to Mr. Osbrink that they never want to see him again. WOW! SHOCKING!


There were many times when Michelle Cherniy let her father take care of Isabelle because Joel was not available, and she wanted to go out with Mr. Cherniy. The father would sometimes entertain, feed, bath, and put Isabelle to sleep. A couple of times during the weeknight, Michelle would ask her father to watch over a sleeping Isabelle because she wanted to be with Mr. Cherniy at his place. She would return home wee hours of the morning. A few times, Michelle even allowed her father to take Isabelle along with his daughter to the mall or to the park. And, there was the time Michelle allowed her father to take Isabelle along with his family to a strawberry festival in Oxnard.


Then In August 2012, Michelle Cherniy and Isabelle were in a car accident (see photo). Thankfully they both were not seriously hurt. Michelle’s car, on the other hand, was totaled. As she was looking to buy another one, her mother, Ms. Alvisse, calls the father to tell Michelle to buy her old car so she could buy a BMW. Instead, Michelle bought a new car with Mr. Cherniy’s help. She reimbursed him of course.


A couple of months later, Michelle told her father that she and Mr. Cherniy were looking for a place to move in together. They eventually found a townhome in Tarzana owned by a close family friend of Mr. Cherniy who was willing to sell it to them. She was very excited. And, the father was excited for them. The escrow soon closed, and they are planning to move in after improvements. Michelle was also planning a house warming party and invited her father to come. The father was looking forward to it.


Then in early 2013, about a month or so before the move, Michelle Cherniy finally revealed to her father the real reason she was going to therapy. It was because she is a victim of  rape that happened a decade ago and was still suffering from it, Needless to say; the father  was in complete shock and disbelief. His heart sank, and world around him was crumbling. The father then asked her if she knew the person that did it and she said yes. The father was even more shocked after Michelle refused to identify who this person is. Then almost instantly Michelle launched into an attack against her father by bringing up the past and grilling him with false accusations and allegations. At this point, the father was beyond shocked. He was numbed and confused. His anger started to build towards the mother, Ms. Alvisse. How dare she not tell him this after all these years.


Michelle Cherniy continued to evade her father’s question about her assault. Although, the father was desperate for answers he tried not to press her too much for it. But, as the days and hours ticked away, the father’s anxiety started build and soon he became even more desperate for answers. He then started questioning himself; “WHAT IS/WAS HE TO MICHELLE?! The father started recalling all of Michelle’s statements to him and the emails she sent. What he gathered from them all was Michelle was always thanking him profusely for helping her family out over and again. The father then asked himself, “WHAT DID I MISS?!.” The father wondered if Michelle was lying to him all this time? He concluded that she must have otherwise why does he feel like shit right now! After all the father gave Michelle, all the kindness, generosity, financial help, etc. that he could afford. And, this is how she treats him?! The father felt that everything he did for her for the past ten years went up in smoke: “POOF”!


As the days wore on, Michelle Cherniy started moving out her clothes along with Isabelle’s to a new condo she is sharing with Mr. Cherniy. She left her dog, Kobe behind, filthy and unattended. The father was upset when Kobe poop was all over the pen and his bedding and had to clean it all up. Kobe was penned up in the father’s work out room. Due to her neglect, the room very dirty, smelly, and Kobe was left hungry and very thirsty.

The father was going to attend an all day conference on February 7, 2013 at Riverside Community College. Coincidentally, this was the day of the Christopher Dorner shooting that left one Riverside police officer dead. The father had arrived about 3 hours later. So he just missed it.

The father calls Michelle to tell her that before he leaves he will put Kobe in the outside gated run about in the back of the house where his pet Max, now deceased, roam around in. He further stated that he’ll leave plenty of food and water and that there is large dogloo shelter Kobe can use to sleep and rest.

Since Michelle Cherniy was ignoring her pet Kobe and father had to leave for aconference he was going to leave him in run about with dogloo and plenty of food and water.

Since Michelle Cherniy was ignoring her pet Kobe (left) and father had to leave for conference he was going to leave him with a deceased Max’s (right foreground) run about area that has large dogloo with plenty of food and water.

Michelle freaks out and picks up Kobe while the father wasn’t there leaving his poop behind for him to clean up again.. Mr. Cherniy is there with her as evidence on the father’s video surveillance system.


More and more the father started to realize that his daughter abused his trust and took advantage of  his generosity. He thought, “How could Michelle do this to him after all he did for her?!” It was too much for him to bear. The father felt like, “Damn Michelle!” but especially “Damn her mother to hell!” Finally, the father confronted Michelle one last time about it all and Michelle cut him out of her life one last time! The father’s world came apart!