Here is is an excerpt from Michelle Cherniy’s blog. In it, she slanders and disparages her father with false allegations and other stuff all because the father is upset at both her and especially her mother for keeping him in the dark about the rape incident for a whole 10 years.

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Click above image to see video rebuttal of Michelle Cherniy Almandres abuse allegation against her father.

Additionally, it is sad that Michelle Cherniy chooses to inject herself with a case of selective amnesia to forget about all the good things her father did for her in her time of needs as evidence in her emails, photos, and other documents. What’s worst is Michelle Cherniy is belittling her rape incident that sets a bad example for all women, young and old, on dealing with a horrendous crime such as this. Shame on her! And, shame on her mother, Ms. Cora Alvisse!

 Michelle Cherniy’s quote…

mc_blog“Yes something very bad happened to me. One thing in his slanderous website about me was true, I was raped. No, I did not tell him. He was not in my life. He was and is my abuser. I do not trust him.”

…end of quote!

Here is the father’s rebuttal ..

1)”Yes something very bad happened to me… I was raped. No, I did not tell him.”

  • The facts are Michelle Cherniy was a minor when the crime occurred. Ms. Alvisse had no right to hide it from the father for as long as she did, and the divorce decree obligated her to tell him immediately especially if Michelle Cherniy was seriously injured or life is in jeopardy. More importantly, Ms. Alvisse knew how to contact the father at all times!
  • The father is making monthly donations in the fight against sexual assault to honor his daughter Michelle Cherniy for surviving it. Even though her own mother, Ms. Cora Alvisse, and her have protected the rapist from being prosecuted.
  • The father also wonders how many more women and girls did this perpetrator victimize due to their actions or lack thereof.

2) “One thing in his slanderous website about me was true,”

  • The facts are the things in this website are true. All the emails, photos, and other documents there just don’t lie. The burden is on Michelle Cherniy to prove that any of it is false. And, if so, she should sue him or shut the fuck up (STFU)!

3) “He was not in my life.”

4) “He was and is my abuser.”

  • The father admits he was not very good to Michelle Cherniy while she was growing up. He wasn’t there for her graduation. And, he was not very supportive of her growing up. He has been apologizing to her ever since and helping her (for the past ten years) as she navigated through adulthood. And,  many times because of it Michelle Cherniy told him that she forgives him.
  • The days after learning of Michelle Cherniy’s rape the father was in shock and disbelief. He was beyond devastation and was riddle with guilt for not being there the day after her assault to help her. Here is a copy of the father’s email that Michelle Cherniy posted on her infamous blog;

fathers email to daughter after learning her rape


Furthermore, the father felt it was his fault for not being their to protect her as she was raped while still a minor, which obviously her mother miserably failed to do. Also the father was more embarrassed because Mr. Vitaly Cherniy knew about the rape before him and felt belittled by it for not knowing it sooner. The father regrets not being the perfect dad to her. And, wished he had given Michelle Cherniy all the support she needed when she was growing up especially after her rape.

5) “I don’t trust him.”

  • Sometime between late 2002 to early 2003, Michelle Cherniy and her mother bought a new home in Sylmar. She often invited her father to stop by to visit, which he did. He even mowed their lawn a couple of times free of charge. One time, Michelle Cherniy begged her father to take care and watch her beloved pets, Kobe and Lilli, at their house one weekend because she and her then boyfriend, Aaron wanted to go north to visit friends. Her mother was out of the country, and there was no one else that could do it. He hesitated at first. But then agreed only after getting her mother’s permission to do so.
  • Later, Michelle Cherniy and the father had a falling out, and they didn’t see or speak to each other for a few months. The father later found out that they moved into an apartment after selling their home. Looking back, it all makes sense now about what happened to her.
  • Moving forward in time, after Michelle Cherniy left her husband Joel and was staying at the father’s house she would often let him take care of her daughter Isabelle on several occasions that are well documented. There is also a video of the time Michelle Cherniy let him take Isabelle with his family to a festival a little north of the valley. So, Michelle’s claim about not trusting her father is pure bullshit!
  • The father wants Michelle Cherniy to know that he” loves her” But, he feels that she is the untrustworthy one for keeping him in the dark about her assault for so long!