Here is a copy of Ms. Alvisse’s SMS/Text message to the father after he confronts her via text about hiding their daughter Michelle’s rape that happened ten years ago!

alvissecoverupIt’s clear here that Ms. Alvisse realizes she’s been caught and is trying desperately to cover herself.

Ms. Alvisse files a temporary restraining order accusing the father of threatening her. The order is granted.

In January 2013, Michelle is staying with her father and tells him that she is a victim of rape ten years ago when she was a minor and that she is still suffering from the trauma. The father was in shock and disbelief. Then Michelle verbally attacks him for no reason whatsoever and afterwards moves out to live with her fiance Mr. Vitaly Cherniy. She breaks off all contacts with her father. The father became furious at her mother, Ms. Alvisse, and confronted her via text about it in February.

After several months go by, no one contacts the father to give him the details of what happen to his daughter. The father is frustrated. He again contacts Ms. Alvisse and tells her that he is going to tell everyone that knew them about what she did. She panics and rushes to protect her motherly image and religious standing from being tarnish and files a bogus restraining order claiming the father threaten to harm her. The court grants her a temporary one.

Additionally her declaration is peppered with false allegations that center around the time they were still married. It has nothing to do with the fact they were already separated and divorced over two years. And, Michelle, who was still a minor, was staying with her when the brutal sexual assault occurred. For the record, the last time the father saw Ms. Alvisse was in November 2008 during the birth of their granddaughter. And, the last time he spoke to her was in August 2012 after Michelle’s car accident.

A month later, on the day of the hearing, the father is there with his attorney to fight Ms. Alvisse’s bogus claims. The Judge rules that there is no evidence the father threaten to harm her. And, the father’s quest to expose Ms. Alvisse for hiding such a heinous crime for a decade is protected by the First Amendment. The Judge dissolves the case!

It’s worth noting that the father was at work when he learned that the Sheriff department was at his house to serve him Ms. Alvisse’s temporary restraining order against him. He rushed, unafraid and embolden, that same day to the Sheriff office in the San Fernando Court House and got the paperwork himself. He quickly consulted with his lawyer and let’s just say the rest is history meaning Ms. Alvisse and company got their asses kicked at permanent restraining hearing the following month! :-)


V-I-C-T-O-R-Y FOR THE FATHER! The Judge denies Ms. Alvisse’s request for a permanent restraining order against the father and dissolves her bogus case against him! H-O-O-R-A-H!!

On September 19, 2013, the Judge in the case, after seeing and hearing all the evidence, ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support Ms. Alvisse’s claim that the father threaten to harm her. And that what the father did, which was to expose Ms. Alvisse failure as a parent to everybody, is protected by the First Amendment commonly referred to as “freedom of expression.” The Judge dissolves the case.

Surprisingly, Michelle and her then fiance Mr. Vitaly Cherniy (now husband) were there to support Ms. Alvisse and to testify on her behalf. The Judge denied them due to redundant information already provided by Ms. Alvisse. It was a very big victory for the father.  What made it even sweeter is was the fact that Mr. Cherniy is an attorney and should have known that Ms. Alvisse’s case has no merits and advise her on it. Clearly, civil liberties are not his forte.