Attorney Vitaly Cherniy loses case against the father of the rape victim!

On September 19, 2013, attorney Vitaly Cherniy was in the Van Nuys courtroom to support and testify on behalf of Ms. Cora Alvisse who filed bogus charges against the father. The father was berating and scolding Ms. Alvisse for hiding their daughter’s rape incident that happened 10 years ago when the daughter was still a minor and staying with her. Worst of all, the daughter was suffering from it all that time.

The judged barred attorney Vitaly Cherniy from the court room due to redundant information already provided by the plaintiff, Ms. Alvisse. The Judge then ruled against Ms. Alvisse saying there was insufficient evidence to support her claim that the father threaten to harm her physically. Furthermore, the judge ruled that what the father did which was to expose Ms. Alvisse failure as a parent to everybody , is protected by the First Amendment commonly referred to as “freedom of expression.” The Judge dissolves the case.

Although, this was a bitter sweet victory for the father, it was nonetheless a big defeat to attorney Vitaly Cherniy and showed everyone in the court that civil liberties is not one of his strengths.