Beloved Max!

In January 2008, Ms. Alvisse, Michelle Cherniy, and the father were mourning together the death of Max, a Doberman that was the family pet back when they were still a family unit. When the divorce happened, the father kept Max and took care of him until his death. They joined together to say their last goodbyes and took his body to the crematorium. Afterwards, Michelle Cherniy and her father divided Max ashes and put them in a special urn with a statue of a Doberman that had special engraving on it.


Michelle is pregnant!

Then something miraculously happened a couple of months later that surprise everyone especially Michelle Cherniy. She was pregnant! Her doctor had told her earlier the chances of having a child were slim due to health issue she had. The mother calls the father to tell him the exciting news. They all felt blessed, and it seemed that they were becoming a family once again and were spending quality time with each other. Ms. Alvisse and the father were also spending “intimate” time together planning for the arrival of their grandchild.

As Michelle Cherniy’s delivery date was fast approaching Joel and Michelle decided to get married. The mother and father joined the happy couple to witness and partake in this very special occasion. Joel’s mother, Shelah, and her husband Robin joined the celebration.

the family there for isabelle

Joel Osbrink, Isabelle, Michelle Cherniy / Ms. Alvisse, father, Isabelle

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When it was time for Michelle Cherniy to give birth, the mother and father joined once more at the hospital to assist and to help out where they could. Joel was a little nervous but held it together. Finally, Isabelle was born on November 10, 2008 at 4:48 pm. Everyone was thrilled that it was finally over especially new mom, Michelle Cherniy.

By now one would think that either Ms. Alvisse or Michelle Cherniy or both will have said something important about the rape incident or that she, Michelle Cherniy, was still suffering from deep depression because of it or something similar. But no one said anything of the sort.  That’s why the restraining order stunt plus Michelle attack now on her father seems very very suspicious and bogus and wreaks to high heaven!